A collection of hand blown glass bowls and vases, interior accessories and decor

The VESSEL line works are striking, minimalist objects. Items from the Vessel Line are made in a single or mirrored colour and have a thick polished lip.

The STUDIO collection works are free blown, vibrantly coloured decorative glass objects. Each piece is available in a range of our signature blended, single or mirrored colours. Studio Line pieces are all free blown and each one is unique and one of its kind.

OBJECTS are free standing sculptures, organic in nature and designed to be displayed in a grouping or on their own.

GRAVITY DROPS flow as if their mass were defying gravity, celebrating the raw state in which glass resides in the glass furnace before being sculpted.

The PEARL collection mimics the natural opalescent beauty of the jewels of the ocean. It is offered in a variety of pearlized finishes. True to Soffi’s style, the glassworks is simple, organic and utilizes the philosophy of composition and scale through multiples.

PEARL are meant to look like jewelry, and impart a feeling of elegance and luxury to any interior transcending time and lending itself to both contemporary and traditional environments.