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SOFT ROUND PEARL has a concave design element. Each one is unique and one of a kind, just like a pearl you would find in its natural state.

From the PEARL collection, mimicking the natural opalescent beauty of the jewels of the ocean. It is offered in various pearlized finishes. True to Soffi’s aesthetic, the design is simple, organic and utilizes the philosophy of composition and scale through multiples.

PEARL are meant to look like jewelry, and impart a feeling of elegance and luxury to any interior transcending time and lending itself to both contemporary and traditional environments.

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small 4″D X 4″H
medium 6″D X 5″H
large 9″D X 6″H
extra large 12″D X 9″H




Produced in a variety of colour combinations (black pearl, silver pearl, ruby pearl, grey pearl, gold pearl, rose gold pearl).

*see colour chart for details

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Colour Chart

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